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Chair's Message


The National Capital Region is a community in the midst of remarkable transformation.  Ottawa is a city which has seen enormous investments in public infrastructure and is in the midst of a series of awesome place-making projects.  This is all within a broader context of technological and social upheaval; and the Ottawa chapter of ULI is growing with the great city that it inhabits.

ULI is the oldest and largest network of cross-disciplinary real estate and land use experts in the world.   Through our members' dedication to the mission and their shared expertise, the Institute has been able to set standards of excellence in development practice.  We at ULI Ottawa are proud to be fostering a local forum for these objectives with a view to making a great place extraordinary.  Our vision is to create an environment in the National Capital Region where players at all levels of experience in the urban development network are enriched, including those who are engaged in development, those who provide professional advice in it, those who teach it, those who regulate it, and those who are interested in being a part of it.  We believe that engaging in this way has a positive impact on the quality of development in Ottawa, and on those engaged in development in Ottawa.

So we invite you, and people from every part of your organizations to join us in our thinking, research and exchange on all of the issues that implicate great urban development.  Together we can realize our shared optimism about the incredible place we call home.

Thank you for being a part of this movement.

Jamison Young
ULI Ottawa Chair

Providing leadership in urban land use across the National Capital Region.


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